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Our mission at MLMRealTruth is to educate seasoned and new home-based business entrepreneurs on the facts of the industry. We educate them on what principles, culture and business model will produce long term residual income. We share documented figures and data to support the facts that are needed to have long term success in the home-based business industry. This information is comprised of 30 years of statistics, from hundreds of experienced full-time industry leaders. For many, this will be the most profound information regarding the home-based business industry they've ever heard.

About Me

About Me

Hi! Welcome to our site!

We're so happy that you are here and that we can share this information with you.

We are parents and regular people, just like you.

My wife, Jacki, and I grew up together. We met as children and remained Best Friends our whole lives. We were each other's date for Prom our Senior Years. She is the Queen of my life, and I'm so blessed to say that we've been married for 25 wonderful years, now!

We have 6 beautiful daughters! Yes, I said 6 daughters. The only sons we have are Son-in-Laws. We always liked The Fiddler on The Roof, but never thought we would follow Tevye's footsteps, and actually surpass him! ;-)

As you can imagine, with 6 daughters there is a lot of activity going on at our home -- softball, soccer, band, church activities and more! We hardly ever stay home at night.

So, early on, we realized that we were going to need a lot more time and income freedom to provide the kind of life we wanted to give our daughters.

Our #1 goal in life is to give our girls the opportunity to succeed. We don't want them to be limited in their thinking. We want them to understand that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

We also want them to know that in order to achieve success in this life, you have to serve other people. We want them to understand that when you help people achieve their goals and become successful, that you will also become successful.

I work professionally in the IT world, and have been able to provide a nice living for my family, but, no matter how much you earn, it never seems to be enough. We also realize that we need a way to help pay for college and weddings, that my income just wouldn't allow. Unfortunately, Jacki had to go to work so we could make our ends meet.

We discovered that a Plan B Business is the best way for us to not only make up the gap in our income and our dreams, but a way to Help Others achieve their goals and dreams.

We are passionate about helping others!

Whether your goal is to just earn an extra $300 - $500 a month so you don't have to worry about your car payment, or get a better functioning car...

... Or you want to find a way to replace your current income

... Or you want to achieve complete Financial Freedom

We're here to help.

We are here to help you learn how to achieve your financial goals. We believe that his business will help enhance your life and allow you to achieve whatever level of financial and personal success you wish for.

That is why we hope you'll take a moment to look through the information on this site. Allow yourself to think, "What if...?"

We're here to answer any questions you might have, so please look around and fill out the contact form, and we'll be happy to get back to you quickly.

We look forward to "meeting you" and sharing with you this wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of so many others.

Your Friends,
Jacki and Charles
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